Friday, January 8, 2010

stomach solution

i either struck gold or completely missed with this pink hybrid. it seems nearly identical to pepto-bismol. and therefore it will be aptly titled, "stomach solution".

i used almost half of the "white on" bottle, about a 1/4 of the topcoat and 1/4 of hotpink. the strange thing about the hotpink i used is that when on the nail, its not really pink at all. its an deep orange-y red jelly (hey, i used the term jelly!) extreme sunset color. its almost too bright to even look at, and i was never too crazy about it.

its a bit lighter than a typical barbie pink, but i really do like the way it came out. i think its fun but could use some assistance.

assistance came in the form of;
-sally hansen "nail prisms ruby diamond"
-konad plate m57 [the cheetah print]
-sally hansen "diamond strength no chip nail color" [although i use it as a topcoat for swatches]
-china glaze "matte magic flat finish top coat"

i ended up liking how it looked without the matte finish better, but i think that might be a bit biased since for some reason the matte magic smudged the holo design. i thought i allowed enough time for it to dry but maybe not. well my heart was in the right place atleast!

1 comment:

  1. I heard about this thing ''pepto bismol'' so many times on TV. What is that anyways? We don't have it in EU. =)
    The franken you mixed is just adorable. I love this Barbie pink shades. And I'm not a barbie type of girl. =) Good job, keep on posting!