Monday, January 18, 2010

notd x2

i finally had the chance to wear dorothy who? as a full mani. i LOVE IT. it applies so nicely and it is smooth with one topcoat. i used sally hansen insta-dri topcoat rather than seche vite so i can see how long it takes for chips. so far ive found that both topcoats are neck and neck. sally hansen dries a tiny bit faster than seche vite, but both apply about equal. if anything id say that seche vite is a little bit thinner, but not enough to notice if you werent trying to pick them apart.

any who, on to the pics:

i used fauxnad plate m11 with konad special polish in white for the design. it thought it was cute enough, simple, not over the top.

i also did my friend kristi's nails (well one hand, she did the other) she likes china glaze's "cowgirl up" and used fauxnad plate m20 with special white polish too. i just dont see anything fabulous about this color!

just a side thought..
am i the only person who isnt going ga-ga over opi's mad as a hatter? there isnt one appealing quality about a mish-mosh of rainbow glitter to me. i see and hear about it everywhere but it doesnt do a thing for me! anyways, thanks for reading lovies (=


  1. I loved both NOTDs, and yes, Mad as a Hatter didn't appeal to me too. I felt it was too busy, if you get what I mean...In some pics it looks fabulous though, but in others it just looks downright ugly.

  2. aah tyty. finally someone who sees it my way! :p

  3. LOL! Seriously! :P Most people seem to like it though, I guess its because its unique and there's the novelty effect. PS, thanks for your comment on my blog, do stop by to check it out if you decide you like it :)

  4. I'm also not into this mad hatter, it just doesn't appeal to me:)

    lovely manicures/konadicure!

  5. i know wizard of oz is such a classic, i was so excited when i saw the collection!

    thanks for the comments guys (=

    also its nice to see that other people arent caught up in the hype of maah. its so coveted but it just looks cheap to me!

  6. you should try mad as a hatter just on your tips....sponge/gradient....check my blog
    (I'd love for you to follow!)

    and I saw you asking about the price for up & away.....mine were $2.99 each on
    hope this helps!

  7. I love both mani, colors and patterns are so good !
    About Hatter, I thought I would love it, but now I saw some swatches and it doesn't appeal to me at all ^^