Friday, January 8, 2010

a tale of two topcoats

i worked at a daycare for 4 years, and in the afternoon i was with the after school children. they always complimented me on my nails, so one afternoon i brought my stuff in and started doing their nails. i quickly realized i was using my semi decent topcoat up in almost a week flat so i had bought a bunch of cheap topcoats from five below. thats the explanation for having a bunch of nearly empty poor quality topcoats. believe it or not the children were better at waiting for their nails to dry than i am.

ive been using sally hansen's "insta-dry anti-chip topcoat" for about 9 months or so and i absolutely love it. ive heard nothing but great things about seche vite's topcoat and restorer so im going to venture out later this week and see if sally's or harmon's has it.

results will be posted soon (=

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  1. Your comparison image is SO cute! love, Brittni