Thursday, February 17, 2011

i was sick & qipao looking mani

For the sake of all things sweet and juicy (wtf?), it is a damn miracle that I am here to type this to you today, at 4:45am.  Technically it’s Thursday at this point, but my internal clock couldn’t tell you that, I had to check a calendar just now.

Saturday evening around 4pm my friend called me to go to the store with her because she had to pick a few things up before her baby arrived (which it has - between now and then, it’s a boy! Congrats mama!)  Anyways, the second I walked in the door upon coming home I felt a kind of slight scratchy feeling in my throat like I needed a drink of water.  So I had a bottle of water and within in the next few hours it was all downhill. 

I’ve never, ever had such a fast onset of an illness before in my life.  It literally developed within 2 hours.  By 7pm I had a 102.0 fever, the chills, an intensified sore throat, dizziness and body aches that came from the left field beyond my wildest dreams.  I managed to take my sick ass to the doctor on Sunday morning and they said it was a virus that had to run its course. OK, thanks here’s your co-pay!

So from Saturday evening til about Wednesday afternoon I had taken roughly 18 showers to try and keep warm, taken well over the recommended dosage of Advil and Exedrin to keep the fever at bay (which by the way, was at a steady 103.3 for THREE DAYS, I’m sure my liver will be thanking me later), and had not slept more than 1 consecutive hour.  I kept blacking out from delirium from my fever.  I’d wake up and not remember falling asleep, but the same episode of a show would still be on, so I was literally just going in and out of consciousness.

Didn’t do my substitute hours at work on Monday and haven’t been to class yet this week.  The only things I have eaten are popsicles and chicken rice soup and water.  I feel about 75% as of now, which feels amazing compared to how I was earlier this week.  But I am pissed, me and the boy had plans for Sunday and Monday that had to be canceled. He was very understanding and just wanted me to feel better, but I wasn’t understanding of the laws of crap and still remain bitter. 

Anyways, I am feeling a lot better and finally have the energy to sit at the computer long enough to do anything semi-productive.  Since this is a nail polish blog and not a “Cathryn what are you going to bitch about next blog” I will show you a mani I had done before the damned bubonic plague hit me.

I used a coat of China Glaze Matte Magic over my previous post's manicure and jazzed it up with some nail art.  I cannot even tell you what I used aside from white and gold nail art polish and one of the BM plates; that's about as detailed as I can get, lol.  The fever erased my short term memory.

Reminds me of one of these numbers.  A qipao it's called.  I didn't do it on purpose but I couldn't see anything else when I finished!  Image is from here, it is not my picture.

And here it is again!

Ok lovies I certainly did not forget my giveaway that I will be doing soon.  It may be a day or two behind because of how backed up I am on all other aspects of life right now but it will be up and posted by Sunday.


  1. Very pretty this mani would totally go with the qipao, I learned something new today. Sorry you had such a tough week and I hope you continue to get better.

  2. Dang, being sick is no fun. I had the SAME THING (though my fever stayed at about 102.7) and was out of work for a whole week. Terrible. At least you did a cute mani :)

  3. sucks you got so sick. happy you're feeling better! :)

  4. tyvm ladies for the well wishes (= youre all too sweet!