Saturday, February 19, 2011

essence underwater and no more drama

I found out there is an Ulta in driving distance on one of my many commutes home from school and stopped there this Thursday to take a look around.  I found these cute little mini bottles of Essence Colour & Go polishes and picked up 3 for 99. each!  I loved them so much I went back today and got 3 more :D  Here are two that I have already worn as a full mani and I really adore them both!  They are actually .16 FL OZ which is a little bigger than most mini polishes which was an extra bonus factor.


Navy blue creme with tiny blue shimmers!
3 thin coats = beautiful!
"No More Drama"

Lovely lavendar creme; 3 thin coats

Beautiful, aren't they?
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  1. i like the lavender one. of course i would add glitter after like a day lol

    lucky you to have an ulta. the closest one to me is around 100 miles away :P

  2. Thanks Anne :D i thought it was super pretty too. I usually add some kind of sparkly topcoat or something to liven up a mani if i run out of time and cant do another xD

    Would you like me to pick you one up? :D:D:D

  3. sadly i have a lavender like polish but it looks horrible on me. i'm thinkin about just frankening it lol

    thanks though. very sweet of you :)

  4. makes me look a little postmortem, too. lol its one of those things i just refuse to accept and will wear it as if it doesnt xD

    and no problem, im going to keep looking for a way to say thanks back :D