Saturday, February 5, 2011

kissy kissy valentine's day mani

Everybody's favorite day is coming up soon!  Well, Hallmark's favorite day, at least.  I'll take any excuse to wear pink cutesy manicures though.

Ah, I love it! Screams Valentine's Day to me!

Started with a base of four coats of Orly "Basket case".  It's official by the way, this is my favorite pink polish, ever.  I can't imagine anything more perfect for me; bright, pink & creme.  It's also my favorite shade of pink in general, so it's all around perfect.

It's already half way empty.  Very few of my polishes get that much use.  The formula kinda bites the big one though.  I'm not sure if it's because it's old or not, but even with thinner it was streaky and runny AND goopy.  I don't know how all three of those occurred at once.

As mentioned before, base of "Basket case", then I used Art Club nail art polish for the stamping and the white dots.

  I used a silver nail art pen from Kiss which I surprisingly like!  I got two of them for around 6$.  It came with a hot pink which I haven't used yet.  There was also a set of black and white which I am considering, too.  I used BM02 for the lips (=

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