Saturday, February 19, 2011

Additional Giveaway Information

First of all I am SO sorry that I forgot to include this in the initial giveaway post and have to create another post to clarify.  I don't like that )= And I apologize.  I forgot to mention the semi important factor that this contest is open to the Continental United States Only; excluding Hawaii and all other countries.

This being my first giveaway and honestly having no clue as to what I am doing and figuring it out day by day, I feel it would be easier, this time around, to ship somewhere within the States that would be affordable and easy.  I will edit the information on the original post as well.

If possible, let me know via a comment on this post if you have entered and are out of the country so I can unfortunately remove your submission. In the event that I am not notified, and someone who is out of the country wins, a new winner will be immediately chosen.

Again, truly sorry!


  1. Bummer.. I did enter and I'm not from US. I entered with GFC name Annie.

    Hope you someday do a giveaway that's for international readers too. :)

  2. i entered, but i'm in Canada :(

    GFC name Jessica D.

  3. thanks girls for taking the time to help me clear this up. very sorry )=

    i think my next giveaway will be international, once i get the hang of it i imagine itll be less overwhelming!