Wednesday, February 23, 2011

essence "movie star"

Today was a long ass day.  Cold and boring and long.  That was today.  I'm still cold, relatively bored and since its officially Wednesday now, I can't complain about it being long.  Ok, enough rambling.

Essence "Movie Star"
Alright this is my wonky hand.  My index finger is FINALLY, after over a month of fighting with me, growing back normally and healthily.  My middle finger split on the free edge so I had to file it down.  My ring finger has been victim to my constant picking.  Pinky is fine, thumbs a little dry but what else is new; I can't possibly lotion anymore than I do sometimes.  I'll do better next time (= I owe it to my readers to not put up hackjob photos and I am trying! 

3 coats of this delightful dark grey creme!
 See this is my other hand, much more aesthetically pleasing!  (Text is backwards because I had to rotate the photo.)  Look how different the color shows up in the bottle compared to the nails.  It's closer to the color in the bottle.  I just love a little novelty so I wanted to share.

OK normally I feel like a sales rep for Funky Fingers but now I'm jumping ship.  Onto the Essence boat of luxury.  I cannot comprehend how for 99. cents these polishes are so freakin' fabulous.  Excellent dry time, affordable, fun colors and most important a shiny, perfect formula.  Remember, I bought these at ULTA.  You should get some, for reals.

Look how fun.  Cuter than the Gosselin kids I tell ya!
Size comparison next to ChG "For Audrey"

OK, that's it.  Go buy some of these.


  1. I love essence polishes but they really arent that cheap. Essence has .16 fl in the bottle where lets say and orly has .6 oz so when you think about it they really arent that cheap.

    I do love essence formula and urge you to try Choose Me

  2. ah i def see your point. somehow it breaks down in my head as being a better buy for 99 cents because then i can get more variety!

    i was looking at the orly minis at ulta. 3.50$ for a tiny TEENY bottle -wtf?