Sunday, February 20, 2011

possibly the ugliest color in the world

I don't know what I was thinking when I bought this.  It was only a dollar, so there was no real loss here.  Maybe the Dollar Tree lighting got the best of me?  I know I hate frost finishes for polishes, hate hate hate.  I couldn't really tell in the store.  I am not really even a big fan of blues either.  So for all of our comic relief, here is the ugliest color I have purchased, worn and photographed to date.

Ladies and ladies, I present to you "Bold Frost":

UGLY demin-y sorta blue. 3 horrific coats.
I would like to mention that this came packaged in bubble packaging with a thin cardboard backing.  WTF is all over the bottle? QUALITY, that's what!

Pretty sure I am doing to dump this bottle (since setting it on fire is a hazard) and use it for frankening.
Click to enlarge the gory details, if you haven't eaten recently.

Sorry for making you look at that blue.  Here is a delicious picture of yesterday's mani to soften the blow! Essence in "No More Drama"


  1. Its the Aura of dollar tree, I think. LMAO on your title - how can I NOT come see what you have going on when I see that.

    As for what to do with that ugly mother, I'd keep it and use it in the next Zoya exchange :)

  2. zoya exchange? i live under a rock most of the time can you elaborate? are you telling me i could get something decent for this POS? WHAT? LOL

  3. I don't think it's THAT bad, LOL.

    And yeahh, that's a good idea!
    In the spring, Zoya takes people's old junky polishes (they even take empty bottles) and exchange them for shiny new Zoya polishes. It's not have to pay shipping to get the polish there and I think last year, it was $3.50 for every polish you wanted to exchange. Also, the minimum was six polishes.
    But it was still a good deal. :D

  4. Actually...I kinda like it on you. ???? I hate frosts too, but the color is nice against your skin tone. I dunno...sorry. Maybe I've gone color blind or something. :)

    Feel free to send it to me. LOL

  5. i actually think it looks pretty good on you too. maybe you can add another color to make it purple (i would lol) and if you still don't like it, dump it or keep it for the zoya exchange.

  6. @Painting 'Em Up - i wouldnt disrespect you by sending you this POS LOL.

    @Anne- thats an idea! i dont like the frost finish though so i think this will def be an exchange :D

    @ChaosButterfly -tyvm for the information, ill keep my eyes open!

  7. I completely agree with your hatred for frosts. In my opinion, (no offense to anyone who enjoys a frost) they look cheap and grandma-ish. HATE!