Saturday, February 12, 2011

hidden treasure & 50 readers!! :D

So I mentioned previously about a long time lemming that a total dollface, Anne from MUA, sent me out of sheer kindness.  I would always check drugstores for it even though I was well aware it was a LE and I most likely wasn't going to find it.

TA-DA! Sally Hansen "Hidden Treasure" :D :D :D!!

Look at it, sitting there so coyly. Oh yes, I am fancy.
"Hidden Treasure" is a to-die-for iridescent flakey polish that lives up to its hype (to me at least!).  I typically don't catch onto the fuss of popular polishes aside from "For Audrey" and now this one :D Guilty!

This is 2 delicious coats of "Hidden Treasure" over two coats of Funky Fingers "Off with Their Heads!".  Which is a pink, SO deeply pink, that it appears red.  But it isn't, promise.

Anyone else seeing Chinese New Year's all over my nails.  I am, and not on purpose.  It reflects mostly gold and hints-o-green. Love (=


As of right now, I have 51 readers! Well, 50 if I don't count myself, lolol.  When I started blogging again in December I had 13 (or 17?) readers and from then I have accumulated quite a few, and that is just really exciting to me.  I do this because I enjoy it, I enjoy what others post and it really is nice to be part of a community where others take an interest in something you also love.

I see a lot of people who totally link-whore up other blogger's comment sections with their own blogs.  I've never been one to do that so I really feel that people follow because they either like what they saw or take a general interest in what I am posting - and that is a great feeling.

Thank you all for helping me achieve this milestone, even though it may be a simple one.  I enjoy reading your blogs everyday, as well as your comments and I hope you enjoy mine, as well.  Ok, enough using the word "enjoy".  That was like 50 times rapid fire.

As promised, a giveaway will be held in celebration of my growing blog.  Look for a follow up later this week, I'm thinking late Thursday or Friday. xoxo!


  1. I don't remember how I "found" your blog, but I'm glad I did! Shear kindness is one of the things I love about blogging...I've "met" so many awesome people! I really like Hidden Treasure over that color.

  2. Uwaaa you are so lucky! Hidden Treasure is fabulous!
    And congratulations on 50 followers, I hope you get many many more ^_^
    I usually don't comment much but I always enjoy reading your blog posts!

  3. You have reminded me to go and put Nubar 2010 over my existing polish to give myself another look!

    Well done on reaching a milestone!

  4. Congrats on your 50 followers with many more to come!

    I love MUA RAOK :)

  5. Congrats with your 50 followers :) Hidden Treasure looks amazing!

  6. That totally reminds me of my super special Nfu-Oh nailpolishes, except you can use that on ANY color polish and make it look neat! Loves it!