Thursday, February 24, 2011

im convinced its springtime

This mani reminds me of some kind of really trippy retro wallpaper.  Therefore, I love it.

BM 12
This polish, Essence "What Do You Think?" is one of those mind%#$ colors that doesn't look anything like it photographs.  Its a salmon-y PINK in the bottle, and on the nails.  Yet comes out PUMPKIN FRICKIN' ORANGE.  I don't like orange.

3 coats, a pink but unfortunately orange creme.
Cleaned up my edges last night so nails don't look so rough!

Color Club Art Club in White for the stamping.

My mani is the third bottle in from the left.  You know, the PINK one.  I swear on all that is good and glittery that it is the same color on my nails.  Wanted pink, got orange. Sadface but it looks cute with the flowers at least (=


  1. I have a couple of those little bitty polishes...on one, the cap looks like a bright berry but when applied, it's like NEON RED! WTH!?! Anyway, your mani is cute. I heard it's supposed to get to 70* next week here!

  2. I like the orange look. I think it adds to the retro look. Like something that would be on Marcia Bradys nails. :) LOL

  3. @Megan- WTF? i feel like if the polish is going to dry 15 shades darker than the lid should at least be an indicator of its natural color. WHAT A CONCEPT!

    @Painting 'Em Up -agreed! "Retro" to me is orange, dusty/mustard yellows and olive greens :D

  4. I hate it when colours look totally different in photographs, it's so annoying X____X
    But your mani is really cute :D