Thursday, December 1, 2011

Orly Nail Rescue Step by Step Tutorial

It's not rocket science, its actually super simple and effective but I thought since I just had a minor break today on my pinky that I'd document it and make a post out of it for anyone who is curious.


Inside the box is a brush on nail glue, the repair powder and a square file/buffer.  Lets be real, I lost the buffer after my first use.  You can use your own files or buffers since the one they include is small and awkward anyways.

So I somehow chipped my nail this morning, it wasn't drastic by any means - but to have cut at the break and then file would mean I would've had to even out my other nails and shorten them to match.

This is the chipped/broken nail.  It was still attached so I was able to use that as base for the Nail Rescue.  It was super bendy and ready to break off.

Now, I don't have a photo of my nail with the glue on it because the glue dries quickly and I needed to get the powder on as soon as possible.  But just imagine that same fingernail all shiny and you get the basic idea.

Then you dip your nail into the powder - I personally apply the glue to my WHOLE nail and then dip my WHOLE nail into the powder.  The directions tell you to do it that way too, even though the step-by-step photos on the side of the box shown it done differently.  I prefer to put my entire nail in to make sure I'm being thorough.

Ok that looks a mess, I know.  Brush or blow off the excess powder.  Your nail will feel grainy after that.  To smooth it out, use your files and buffers to smooth it down.  You'll know its good when it FEELS smooth. It won't look smooth but it will definitely feel very smooth to the touch.

It doesn't look "finished" but it actually felt just fine at this point.  I used the file to smooth the edges and sides of my nails and my buffer to get the surface area nice and smooth.

My "Rescued" Nail
All polished and good as new!

I love and recommend this product.  I've used it 3 times total and its done exactly what it is supposed to each time.  I don't suppose it would work in the event that you actually snap part of your nail off - at least, I've never attempted reattaching it.  I hope this was helpful! (=

Edit to add additional info:  I bought this at Sally's for around $6 or $7.  I think it is also worth mentioning, that in my personal experience, once on the nail, the powder does not dissolve in acetone (even 100% acetone).  After removing nail polish with it, the powder is still holding my nail together nicely.


  1. Wow, this is really cool. I've always seen this at Sally's but I never knew how it worked. It seems like it would come in handy a lot. Thanks for the review!

  2. No problem, Melissa! glad to help!

  3. Hmm. I may need this. I usually have to file to nubs after a break.

  4. @anne - DOOO ITT. yes, i like to enable.

  5. Oh! I need this in my life! I've always use silk wrap and glue to fix breaks, but it is a bit more brittle than I would like. This looks like a perfect solution!

  6. I have

  7. Nice tutorial! I love Nail Rescue though my breaks are usually way too severe for even NR to save them. My nails like to be mean.

  8. mimi! i think youd love it! and no i dont have a twitter, i saw you asked earlier - should i get one?

    and turtlechick, go big or go home right? lol

  9. Yes you should get a Twitter! XD

  10. I think you should definitely get a twitter account! Lots of nail people to hang around! :3