Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Sponge Gradient Manicure

I finally got to use China Glaze Party Hearty! I had ordered it around Halloween and have been itching to use it.  This post is exciting for me in particular because I finally did a sponged manicure that I liked AND got to use Party Hearty.

I got to use three silver caps for this manicure, too!

Frosty - Party Hearty - Snow

I used Orly Nail Armor for the basecoat (to give my nails a bit of a beige tint) and sponged on 3 layers/coats of Snow.  You have to make sure each coat dries in between otherwise the sponge will pick up the wet polish and just move it around and it'll be splotchy.  After three layers of Snow, I did one layer of Frosty over the whole nail and then another thin coat of Snow.  I dabbed on the glitter with the brush (the one attached to the lid) and sealed with a coat of Gelous and then OTD.

Reminds me of these cookies!

I really enjoyed wearing this one!

It's crunch time now, with the end of the semester approaching.  Between finals, final projects and final presentations I haven't had much time to post, but once the semester wraps up I'll be around more and able to reply to your comments, etc.  Thanks for hanging in there with me (=

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  1. This is one of favorite polishes! Great job on the strategic placing of the glitter~