Monday, December 5, 2011

Sally Hansen Be-Jeweled


What a glitter bomb!  This one is densely packed with glitter and the way it dries reminds me of China Glaze It's Alive! Which is good, because I love that one.  The purple really caught me eye. The Gem Crush collection has lots of pretties but they're a bit too pricey for me, especially for a Sally Hansen.  I didn't realize until I walked out of the store that it was about $7.50.  I have a problem with paying retail but it was just so pretty that I didn't have the heart to return it.

This is 2 coats of Be-Jeweled over CND Stickey, however, my thumb has a third coat because I noticed a bare spot.  Take notice when applying this one because I didn't catch it until it was in natural sunlight.  I then topped it with two coats of OTD and it was still gritty.  I made a trip to Sally's to finally try out Gelous.  When I got home I put one coat of Gelous on and then another coat of OTD.  Needless to say, especially with how glitters do not sit on my nails very well, it sheeted off within 12 hours.

I love, like really love, the pink sparkles among the purple.  Two of my favorite colors in glitter form is just about all I can ask for.  I noticed with my bottle as well as all of the ones I've seen on displays lately, that the glitter settles big time.  There's about 1/4 of the bottle (at the top) that is the clear base and the glitter settles to the bottom, so remember to shake before using.


  1. The Gem Crush in gorgeous, but I do have a slight problem with the cost. They're almost just as much as a China Glaze and way more then Wet N Wild, which they're all dupes of. So if they were cheaper, I'd be more impressed. Still very pretty though!

  2. These are GORGE. They do need a vigorous shake before application! I picked all them up except for the red one (looks too much like CG "Love Marilyn", which I picked up a couple days before the SH Gems. Unfortunately, I'm all too familiar with paying retail price, as I don't have a blog. :(
    Is there a polish remover that you can recommend that's good for taking off the glitterbombs? I have the HARDest time getting them off.

  3. @melissa - i agree! theres a lot of glitter dupes running around right now. i couldnt find the color icons anywhere and since china glaze didnt have a dupe for this one, i couldnt return it!

    @anonymous - you dont have to pay retail if you shop online :) china glazes are anywhere from $3-$4 on etailers, yes theres shipping but if you order enough it still comes out to less than retail.

    as for remover, i suggest 100% pure acetone - its super cheap (and flammable! be careful!) if you use the foil method (soaking a cotton ball/cotton pad with acetone, then wrapping it on your nail and securing with aluminum foil for about 5 minutes) itll come right off in a single sweep. just make sure to apply pressure when sliding it off your finger.

    i dont have to use the foil method because glitters just sheet right off my nails, every time!

  4. Crap damnit these better come to Canada!

  5. Very pretty! I have a lot of trouble finding the WnW glitters. Maybe I might be able to get these instead :D