Wednesday, December 28, 2011

China Glaze Electropop & For Audrey Comparisons

Two of the blues in the Electropop collection reminded me a bit of For Audrey.  I don't mind having these "back ups" of FA because I really do love that color, but I wanted to share what I've observed.

For Audrey - Aquadelic - Kinetic Candy

What I noticed is Aquadelic has some more green in it than FA, but just a little.  On the nail KC appears much more like a powdery blue in comparison to the bottle shots.

Aquadelic and FA come close but Aquadelic actually stains.  When I swatched my whole hand and upon removing these comparison swatches, it's official.  I'm not sure why it stains, its just a regular old creme.  I like it colorwise the best out of the three, but the staining has me sad.  It's the only one from the Electropop collection that stains, though.

Hope you found this informative (=


  1. Thanks so much! I already own For Audrey, and I'm going to buy the other two! They are all gorgeous!

  2. youre welcome! just double up on base coat for aquadelic

  3. Yay! I have FA and was curious... Thanks!