Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mega Haul :D

I finished my finals and then instantly fell ill with bronchitis. Just today I am able to sit up for a decent amount of time.  Go figure, I get a break from schoolwork and then stuck in bed.  Nothing else to be expected I suppose!  I received another Image Beauty Order as long as some gifts from my BFF Coryn!  My collection is going to blossom this season.

She got me the Deborah Lippman Get This Party Started Collection! I've already worn Candy Shop, I'll post about it soon. And yes, thats Across the Universe, too.  I got spoiled I tell ya!

And from my Image Beauty order:



Left to Right:
Sheri's Pistachio Creme
Kathy's Baby Blues
Emmi and Olli Go Bananas
Sheer Blush

My new HG BC

I stacked vouchers, coupons and codes and got all of this for a great price! :D

And then me and my sister tried the Julep Maven thing for a penny.  I basically cancelled right after receiving mine because they're all boring red cremes.  No variety, not thrilled and we got a lot of the same stuff - I'd rather spend $20 a month on stuff I know I'm going to like, and that is what it came down to for me.  No loss here though as we were able to give it a whirl for a total of two cents, though.

Boring, yea? I'll try them, maybe they have excellent formula. I'll let you know (=

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