Wednesday, December 7, 2011

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

I really wanted to love this one, and I do, color wise.  The formula on this one pretty much sucked though, and that kills me to say about my beloved China Glaze.  It reminds me of the difficulty I had with Essie Knockout Pout, which I've never worn after swatching.

This is FIVE coats of FFF. Five! One-two-three-four-five!!  I stop at three.  I know it's a neon and a bit tricky to apply but it was just so streaky.  After doing my left hand, I tried doing much thicker coats on my right and was able to reach opacity on about three nails with three coats, but some needed a fourth.

It really is such a beautiful shade and so summery, so it's a shame that it needs so many coats.  Fortunately, being a neon, it dries incredibly fast.  It also, like other neons, dries matte.  I had a bit of a hard time capturing the color, it literally glows.  Not in a glow in the dark kinda way, but it just seems like there's a black light over your hands everywhere you go.  It's such a fun color so I probably will give it another try sometime in the future.  I don't own many neons or wear them often, so my personal difficulties could've been just from lack of experience.

Do you own this polish? Did you have the same issues as I did? Share!


  1. Holy smokes, 5 coats!? Darn neons! I have this, and I usually put this on over a coat of white and it definitely helps cut down on the number of coats. I think it helps the neon-ness stand out as well =) It looks fantastic on you anyways!

  2. FFF is one of my faves! It's just such a perfect pink-orangey coral NEON and I love it :D

  3. That's pretty, but 5 coats?! Good lawd. I prefer Color Club's Electro Candy neons - the flash is gorgeous and they seem a bit more opaque.

  4. It's a beautiful coral neon shade!

  5. yea five coats! ive tried neons over white before but thats just so much extra work xD