Friday, December 16, 2011

Hits Haul & My Greek Kitties

So I ordered some Hits polish from Llarowe earlier this week and they arrived today.  That was fast.  :D There was some reasoning behind ordering these particular polishes, aside from them being magically delicious.  I've mentioned them previously, but we have some cats.  And most of them are named after Greek deities.  So when I saw this collection I knew that somehow, some way I needed them.  I'd never spend this much regularly for a polish but they are quite fantastic.  Anywhoodle, this is what I got:

Artemis - Atena - Demeter - Zeus

I ordered these four specifically because they share a name with my kitties, but the only one I wouldn't have wanted/purchased aside from that is probably Demeter.  It's orange, but I had to.  My cats wanted to make an appearance, so I said OK.

Artemis (Quiddle)
Athena (Neener)
Our cats have picked up a few nicknames along the way, but those are their actual names and the names used on their vet papers, etc.  I wish I had a better picture of Demeter but shes so skittish so that's all I got. And my little Zeus, I miss him so much.  Ugh he was just adorable and the sweetest little man. Do you see why I had to get these?! Do ya?!

Well anyways, I was thinking about my other cats and the polishes and I had a storm of thoughts: 
-My other cats: Frank, Ralph and Nyx.  The boys aren't godly but Nyx is the goddess of darkness and night, and our Nyx is a little black beastly thing.  I wish they had made her one in black.
-And Zeus should've been silver 1. because my Zeus was white and 2. I envision Zeus' grey beard.
-I also see Artemis as being yellow, not silver.
-Atena makes sense as pink, and a lot of the others are aptly named I suppose. 
-Demeter makes sense as orange as shes the goddess of the harvest, and I think harvest colors = Thanksgiving = orange.
-Also, we used to have a cat Pandora, she died years ago, and I'm not even sure if Pandora was a goddess but it would've been nice to have a full weird cat/np collection.

But I wasn't on the design team so my input means nothing.

I also got my Black Friday Milani order (Finally, they never sent a shipping notice. It just showed up.) and didn't feel it deserved a full post so I'm tossing it in here as this is a "haul" post.

Dude Blue - Fresh Teal - Cyberspace - Hi-Res - Dressmaker
On that note.. Dude Blue..?? Really?


  1. Ooh...Oh god I am waiting for my HITS Zeus... great haul! and ...good kitty post >< I love kitties

  2. I love that you have all those kitties, we have 5 and I am very active in TNR of feral kitties ;) Yay, kitties and polish, a purr-fect world (couldn't resist the purr ;)

  3. i cant wait to see your swatches exah! and yes, love a good kitty post xD

    melly - LOL. we dont tnr, we just keep them hehe. theyre all rescues but one!