Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Secret Santa Presents & An Old Favorite

Holy cow! I have 215 followers!  I just had a giveaway for my 150th followers. Crazy!  I love reading the comments and I do reply to each, so check back if you'd like! (=  Another giveaway coming soon, I promise!

Also my finals are OVER. I'm done til January! Hopefully I can be a more active blogger now!

I wanted to share what my Secret Santa gave me for Christmas! I'm so blown away about her ability to get me so good.  I'll leave her name out of this post but I'm going to show you all the lovely things I got!

Whats this?! What could be inside? Her handwriting is like a font. Adorable!

Goodies spilled over!

She got me my first to pa nail polishes ever! They're so cute and teeny.  And she got me an adorable compact mirror and some candies I shared with my Dad. And the coffee cozy and the pink pens and the hello kitty stuff.. it's like she knows me personally!  I couldn't be more thrilled with her thoughtfulness.

Then she sent me a second package (!!) with these two beauties in it.  I never heard of Nabi before but they're INCREDIBLE.  So densely packed with sparklies and rainbows, hahaha.

I'm going to throw a NOTD in here for good measure.  I revisited an old favorite: China Glaze Dorothy Who?  This is 3 thin (very thin) coats over Orly Nail Armor topped with OTD.  It's lovely, isn't it?

This wore like iron on me! Well, kind of.  It did chip a little but it DIDN'T sheet off! YAY!


  1. Aww your gifts! SO lovely!

    I like Dorothy Who? Lovely shade of blue.

  2. Look at all that cute STUFF!!! That blue polish is interesting - different. I like it!

  3. Congrats on your awesome SS gifts! I've got to sign up for one next year :)

    Also, NOTD are cute! :)

  4. thanks ladies! i was very lucky this year <3