Monday, December 19, 2011

The Best Layer Combination Ever!

This post is about the greatness that I discovered by layering to polishes but I want to make sure Hits Zeus gets its own glory, too.  The layer combination will be further down the post.

This is 3 coats of Zeus with no topcoat.  It's so much more holographic in real life but my lamp kind of killed that effect.  Considering how dark it is, and how I normally dodge dark polish, I'm really blown away with how much I love it.  It's divine! (Pun intended, ha!)

My camera flash helped capture some more of the rainbow though.

Zeus is more of a black than a charcoal, which seems to be more common lately. If you're looking for an actual black linear holo, this is it.  While the linear effect isn't super strong, it definitely isn't scattered - they do pull to create the coveted linear effect.

Blurry macro nail shot to show the rainbow.  I'm so happy I splurged on the Hits!

So that fancy layer combo I was talking about?  It's incredible.  My Secret Santa spoiled me and sent a package with some fantastic polishes, Nabi Iris Jumbo Glitter being one of them.  I put one coat over my existing Zeus manicure and almost keeled over.


It's an instant galaxy effect.  My nails looked like a photo of the Milky Way.  I'm in love!  My first Nabi and holy cow is it a good one.  I sealed this manicure with one coat of Out the Door, by the way.

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