Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another Image Beauty Haul

I realize this is a bit late as I've already posted two swatches from here but there's no harm in sharing anyways (=

This was the order that wouldn't happen, I tell you.  I placed it early November but missed the email where they said a certain item was out of stock.  I didn't realize it until about a week and a half ago.  Then another item I placed was out of stock.  I had to make four order changes to this but I finally got it.

Red Pearl - Fifth Avenue - Flip Flop Fantasy - Basket Case

My friend picked out the red, obviously.  I don't wear them much.  And I finally got a new bottle of Basket Case!  That was one of my first polishes I really loved and the one I own is non B3F so it smells.  Plus I think I destroyed it when I was new to the nail polish world and thinned it with remover. Eek!  Fifth Avenue has always called to me as well as FFF.

Sweet Dreams...Carol - Heavenly Julia - Lou Lou's Peachy Creme

The Brucci names are really laughable but that is cancelled out by their amazing formula!  I wore Heavenly Julia for 3 days (!!!) without a single chip - that NEVER happens.  Nail polish either chips off or I pick it off and neither occurred with the Brucci.  A new love!


  1. omg! They have Brucci there? I have been wanting to add more Bruccis to my collection, I will have to check it out. Great haul =)

  2. Oh man heck yes FFF! It's the funnest color ever. Red pearl is also awesome...can't wait to see swatches of the bruccis!

  3. Brucci bottles are SO fug.. lol

  4. @jacqui - yes they have a TON! there isnt many good swatches online though, so its a crapshoot.

    @exah - ive already swatched heavenly julia, its gorgeous!

    @britty- LOL i know. theyre so amazing though i cant complain!