Saturday, December 18, 2010

where has this year gone?!

holy cow! time to breathe!
its been non-stop go-go-go mode since i last posted anything.

i graduated with my associates degree this month :D accepted to my first choice school and have busted my ass doing so! i got my tonsils out yesterday (ugh talk about a new level of pain) and have had spare time to snoop around the nail blogs and hopefully get back into the gist of things! to be honest, i miss blogging and i miss reading all of the blogs i follow, too.

as a graduation present, i purchased seven new china glaze polishes that should be here eventually, i guess. im assuming snail mail will be worse than usual considering all of the holiday shipping going on.

basically that last manicure i documented is on my facebook from june! i havent had the time or patience to even take a simple picture.

my unofficial recollection of this mani;
base color was hard candy
pineapple was some sort of cappucino colored nameless brand
the green was a nail art from five below, idk which!

look how shoddy my cuticles are haha. well nice nails wont further me in life so i suppose the sacrifices ive made are only worth it in the long run xD my nails are actually super cute right now but i dont have a camera to photograph with. i hope to get back into the swing of things and cant wait to show off my new polishes (=

miss you all, how have you been?!

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