Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ugly mani; cute kitty

U-g-l-y you don’t got no alibi, you ugly YEA YEA, you ugly! Atleast, this manicure is.  First off, in the lighting of my room, the basecoat is pink.  I went outside today and its freaking fluorescent orange.  Two things I don’t like; fluorescent and orange.  I wanted to rip the polish off my nails so bad haha.  Anyways, figured I would post it since I did it, ha.

Base coat is two coats of L.A. Colors Color Craze and I don’t remember the name as I threw out the packaging already.  I assumed the color name would be on the bottle somewhere but it isn't!  The color name was not relevant to the color itself; it was some kind of high wire or electrical current type of name.  Not “Fluorescent orange”, either way it had me fooled.

On top of the basecoat I used a Q-tip (Learn from my mistakes, DO NOT USE Q-TIPS FOR DOTTING) with ORLY “Liquid vinyl” to create the flower shape.  I used a paperclip to make the little dots, which works really well.  

For the inside of the flowers I used ORLY “Green apple”, Funky Fingers “Cheshire” and “South Hampton sea foam”.  They covered nicely and quite opaquely over the black so that was nice to see.  I used Sally Hansen “Confetti” and Insta-dry top coat to seal and cover the designs.  

Since this mani sucked so much I decided I needed to brighten the mood (=  My brother lives in California on his own but had acquired two kitties when he lived in Las Vegas.  Anyways,  he was having trouble finding places that accepted pets so he sent his kitties on an airplane a few months ago to the sweet land of New Jersey to live with us. 

The little bugger in this picture is Frank, aptly named after Frank Zappa.  We are convinced he is part ragdoll because he’s so floppy.  I guess you would have to know him to know what I mean but this cat is ridiculous. He literally looks around to see what kind of trouble he can get into.  Anyways! He has his ADORABLE moments, like today, when I heard some noise on my bed behind me.  I turned around and see Frankie burrowing under my comforter as usual.  Ten minutes later I turn around and he has literally tucked himself into bed and went to sleep!  Most cats I have seen HATE blankets, but no, not Frank- he prefers!

1.. 2.. 3.. AWWW. look at his dirty nose xD his sister has spots around her nose too.

Hope you enjoy & all images are clickable!


  1. What are you talking about UGLY! No!!! I love the color combo.

    The name of the LA Craze is Magnectic Force

    Aww, kitty so cute :)

  2. Sorry didn't spell it correctly its Magnetic Force.

    I appreciate your comment on my blog :D

  3. oooh thanks! did you think it was pink at first too??

  4. Cute kitty !!
    I love your mani, really ! I don't like the base color but the flowers are pretty, I'll steal your idea :)

  5. gwenn: feel free too (= glad someone else thinks that orange is ugly LOL

  6. i love your mani! its not ugly at all.