Sunday, April 18, 2010

marble swatches

ive been playing around with marbling a lot to figure out the best techniques. i still havent figured that out but i did make some cute color combinations lol.

im starting to think marbling would be a great idea for highschool girls going to a pep rally or something along those lines. i made one (not shown) of virginia tech's colors unintentionally. a lot of school colors would look nice marbled. i was thinking my own highschools colors. since i transfered my junior year i have two sets. the first was silver and navy blue and the other was gold and blue. just a thought!

heres what i think when i see these samples: halloween (spiderweb nails), cotton candy and summer! im going a pineapple mani soon, ill show pics later this week.  i love the results!! sorry though, i cannot remember which brands or names these are.. i was just mixing and matching haphazardly. enjoy regardless. click for enlarged detail! (=


  1. I really love the last image with the blue and white! So summery.'
    The spiderweb one is awesome, too!

  2. Really pretty! I want to try marbling but don't know why I'm so afraid. Lol!