Monday, December 27, 2010

springtime safari

Out with the Christmas colors already! I have had enough!! I like the cold but I don’t like snow, so I kind of like winter when it isn’t snowing. Early spring is a favorite too because it is still cool out. I do NOT fair well in heat! My normal body temperature is around 96.9 and I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, but when everyone else is freezing, I am usually just fine! Anyways enough about me, I decided to do a spring time colored mani. (=

I used a make up sponge to sponge on China Glaze’s “For Audrey” and “Lemon Fizz” I sealed with a topcoat of Beauty Secrets and used my Art Club in Black for the konad since I am out!  Then I used another coat of topcoat and I was done!

I have to gripe about this; the oh-so-obvious smudges. Black is the only color that does that more and regardless of drying time.  If you look at my ring finger you can see smudges are less apparent and that’s because I tried a new technique.  Instead of “painting” the topcoat on, dripped on it by waiting for it to naturally drip.  Once it was on I waited for it to spread out a little and sort of helped it around.  I tried this on another nail too but it didn’t work to well and the topcoat ended up pooling on the side.  Since it did work once, I am going to try this in the future. Practice can only help!

I would love this mani so much more if there were no smudgies!!

Anyways, in some of my pictures you can see a brown ground with polish all over it.  Instead of having people think I just slop polish onto everything I own I decided to show you my surprisingly simple yet insanely convenient nail board.  It’s the backing from some kind of frame poster that was won at a carnival years ago.  Its not wood, its compressed cardboard or something but its really hard and stiff.  I use it for EVERYTHING. My room is kinda cramped so I use it as a tray, kind of like a table top.  I use it for my laptop on one side and nails on the other.  Everyone who comes over and does their nails always adds to it, its kinda quirky but cute, anyways here it is in all its glory.

Also, I just purchased 25 more fauxnad plates from for 18$ with shipping! HERE is the link in case anyone is interested. Cannot wait to get those!

Images are clickable (=


  1. That looks awesome! I'm with you on the hating snow sentiment. I'm totally fine with cold as long as no snow is involved, lol!

  2. haha thanks (= i think we should add wind to our list. that wind chill factor is out of control!!

  3. I love that little tradition on the board. Your nails look insanely cool. I love reading your blog! check out my giveaway!