Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NOTD; blitzen | stationary | new year resolution

Have you ever been completely floored, in love with and generally in awe of a color? I haven’t until I put on Funky Fingers “Blitzen”.  I got this at my local Five Below store because it was one of the only ones I didn’t have, I told my friend and she got it for me for Christmas.

I didn’t think it was a holiday green but my sister begs to differ. I think its too teal to be holiday. Regardless, I am in love.  Blitzen is a teal jelly base packed with micro-glitter in a large array of colors.  I can see blue, gold, silver, orange, green etc.   But they flow so well. This color is absolutely amazing!!  While this is 3 coats, you could get away with 2. Started to goop up a little on me when I tried the 3rd coat but I worked it out.  I am wearing this on both hands and I can’t stop looking at them!!  Used my normal base-coat and topcoat mentioned in previous posts.  It’s not super bumpy, a little textured but not really too bad at all!

Oh my god I LOVE IT!!

What colors do you see here?

Off topic: I was writing my thank you notes to the places I did my field experience service learning at this semester and I just realized how cute the stationary was.  I got ten of these little cards for 5$ at Walgreens.  I sealed each with a glittery star because everyone knows I love sparkles xD Anyways, look how cute!!

Look!! Polka dots, and pink at that!  The dragonfly is a metallic gold and the cards are blank inside so you can use them for anything, in this case they were thank you notes.

Some additional off topic nonsense, new year resolutions. As far as nails go, I have two.
1. Perfect the gap!
2. Better cuticle care.

As for real life um, I think, uhh, I am going to, err, quit smoking. There, I said it. That is part of the battle.  I know I can do anything I set my mind to, I need to find resources to help because I don't know if I could kick this alone. 

Thanks everyone for reading, remember I love and look forward to comments!

Click images for enlarged detail, especially for this one! No really, I was fiddling around with Photoshop CS and now the enlargements are way more detailed, so check that out!
<3 Cathryn

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