Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas inspiration!

Hey everyone (=
With Christmas coming right around the corner I decided to make a few Christmas inspired samples of nail art!

I made a bunch but only three turned out nicely enough for me to share so im going to show you and discuss the lucky three.

First is a Christmas tree design I free handed (can’t you tell?!) on a base coat of a mini polish from five below from a set scented and colored after Laffy Taffy Candy!  It smells just like you would expect artificial banana nail polish would smell, haha.  It dries slightly metallic even though it’s a crème in the bottle.  All of the colors in that set dry metallic, which was quite a surprise because I bought them because I love crèmes!  I used  Funky Fingers “peacocky” and Sinful Colors “HD Nails” (a Christmas-y green) for the tree.  For the garland I used Art Club “Malmsy” and for the ornaments I used random colors from my collection. I used an unnamed brown (cherry cola scented!) for the trunk and sealed with a coat of Sally Hansen “Confetti” and Insta-dri top coat.

I found using an unfolded paper clip is the perfect size to make the intricate little dots for the ornaments.  Since the end isn’t rounded, it doesn’t hold too much polish and leaves just the perfect amount!  This design was super easy to do because trees are naturally irregular and you can’t really mess up that (=

The next design I did was a simple, very understated fauxnad design of a white bell (I am out of the Konad special polish so youll have to forgive it not showing up 100% opaque!) on top of a base coat of Funky Fingers “peacocky”.  I used some gold glitter nail art brush to add an extra sparkle on the bell and sealed with a coat of Sally Hansen “Confetti” and Insta-dri top coat.  Very simple, not too showy but I hadn’t seen any Christmas bell nails lately so I figured it was worth creating!

My last and favorite was actually supposed to be a candy cane but I messed up and ended up making it into a red French tipped design instead.  I used the V design in Dark Red Art Club nail art over a base coat of L. A. Girl “white French” and finished up with a green star rhinestone for that added Christmas sparkle.  I didn’t use any tape on this one but if I was doing a full set I certainly would need guides. 

Hope you enjoy them & happy approaching holidays!!
(All images are clickable!)

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