Wednesday, December 29, 2010

wtf skittles & a wonderful gift

I have some skittles for you today! Among other things. I think I am going to post a couple more times today haha. I took pictures of my collection set up and nail organization that will show you how I do it, maybe you could get a few ides from it, but that will be later today.

Anyways a couple months go I bought a six pack of mini Laffy Taffy scented nail polishes from (where else?) Five Below.  The colors stood out to me and I really wanted them, it was 5$ for the whole set of 6 minis.  I couldn’t find the purple one until after I did everything so this swatching session is one shy of complete.

 Cute, aren't they? My friend's 3 year old love them because they're "baby polishes". Haha!

These polishes are a complete and total mind****. Crème in the bottles, metallic on nails.  Or crème in bottle, shiny on nails. I don’t get it. And I was really super disappointed. But I decided now that I’m not bummed about it anymore to show you what I’m working with.

 This is going to be a little like the old spice commercial so bear with me on this.  Look at the yellow bottle, now look at my nail.  Look at the blue bottle, now look at my nail. CREME in bottle. METALLIC on nail!  Please click to enlarge to see how much of a mind**** it truly is.  The strawberry is creme and the cherry looks like a freakin' jelly on the nail.  And the green, don't get me going on the green.  I don't even know what color it dries to.  Is that metallic, a sheer shimmer? Who the hell knows. I don't.  I bought the set specifically for the creme yellow, it looked so pretty in the store.  It turns to a gold shiny shimmery finish with hints of wanting to be a metallic. *scratches head* WTF?

Off topic: My brother is in town from California and he brought me the CUTEST gift!  When we were younger we used to play this game on the SNES.  It was both one of our favorite games and we would sit for hours and play; its called Earth Bound. Anyways sometime over the summer he called me and asked me what my favorite Earth Bound character was.  I really thought he was just plastered but it makes sense now.  The game has quite a few cutesy characters but I picked Paula, the female hero.  This is what he gave me:
While her name is Paula in the game, you can change her name, along with the other heroes names, at the beginning. I just thought this was the sweetest gesture!  Thank you Alex and Alex's crafty friend for the wonderful gift :D

Thanks for reading guys (=  Please click the images to enlarge, and I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I got the scented Nerds polishes and they didnt work at all! They were goopy and gross. At least they smelled ok? I love the paula pillow!

  2. OMFG. PAULA. I love Earthbound! I named her Lady, hahahaha.