Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Years Giveaway!

My leetle nails is doing a fantastic giveaway for the new year, with up to 5 entries and lots of great gifts. I decided to enter my probably 4th ever giveaway! The prizes, directly quoted from her site so I don't mess it up are as follows:

- Flormar NA09 (works for Konad)
- Flormar 36
- Flormar 112 (works for Konad)
- Flormar 240
- Flormar 311
- Flormar 410 (works for Konad)
- Avon clear top coat (works lovely over Konad)
- Avon “Golden wine”
- China Glaze “Shower together” (I've heard that it works for Konad)
- China Glaze “Jolly Holly”
- 4 x Viva la nails water decals
- Fauxnad set with some really lovely roses on it
- 2 x Amuse chapstick (cherry and grape flavored, they’re really awesome and smell great)
- NYX Megashine lipgloss “Plush red

Click HERE to see her post.
I am particularly interested in the nail decals and stampy plate (= Goodluck!

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