Thursday, December 30, 2010

my storage solutions

As mentioned in a previous post I said I was going to share my collection and tools organization nonsense. Ok first things first, I am beyond unorganized in every aspect of my life.  I function better with stacks of paper versus folders and files.  Always have and always will.  Random things have even more random places in my room and car but I always know where everything is.
Except my car keys.. those elusive little #*%&!

Anyways my nail polish and accessories are pretty well put together. (For me anyways, I'm sure most of you would have a coronary if this is how your stuff was stored, LOL.)  My cuticle scissory things are always missing but never too far, haha. 
This post is PIC HEAVY, just a head up!

 This is where my polish lives.  They get along for the most part.
Top drawer contains nail art (because those little suckers get lost and eaten alive with the big guys!)

Middle drawer.  They're not sorted. I told you you'd have coronary.

Did we enter cardiac arrest yet? Haha 1000 CCs of polish - STAT!

Those are my polishes.  I don't think all of mine would fit, I have lots of ones I use frequently on my desk.  Anyways the next pictures are how I store my accessories and tools and treatments.
They live in here.  I added text because my labels didn't photograph well.  How cute, it's miniature.

My topcoats, nail glue and nail treatments hang in here.

I have hundreds of files and emery boards crammed in here. Dollar tree has 36 boards for 1$. I CAN'T HELP IT AND I WON'T APOLOGIZE LOL.

My hardware drawer for both manis and pedis!  The thinner didn't fit anywhere else, oops.

My konads and fauxnads are in this drawer.  Notice the stamper missing.  Thanks Amaya.

And my random jewelry, tacky Christmas earrings included.  It has become a running joke in my family for me to wear the tackiest earrings for holidays.  I had these big light bulb earrings from last Christmas but I lost them.  I don't know if that was intentional or not.

So, how do you store your stuff?  If you have posted about it already, leave your link! I'd LOVE to see!! Btw, fun fact, both of these drawers are on my nightstand, and nothing else LOL. You can see where my priorities are.

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