Sunday, December 26, 2010

polish additions!

First off, before I start, I just wanted to say I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and hope you all have a safe, happy and healthy new year (=

Now, on to my new polishes!  This month was bountiful in polishes from gifts to polishes I bought myself, I am so happy to have these new additions to my collection and can hardly wait to use them all!  I am going to start with the polishes that were given to me.

My best friend, Coryn, bought me 3 polishes from Five Below.  They are holiday themed glitters, which you can just never have enough of!  I am super excited for these in particular because I already own quite a few Funky Finger glitters and they go on so nicely!  They’re packed with glitter and cover completely in just a few coats.  Their formula is surprisingly easy to work with.  I also love Funky Finger’s crèmes.  Their shimmers are nice too, but I am not crazy about shimmers so I tend avoid buying them. Aside from Five Below, I don’t know where you can buy these but I’m sure a little digging online will be fruitful for anyone interested.  They’re very inexpensive too, I get 3 bottles for only 5$!

I was pleasantly surprised to find a bottle of Nicole by OPI in my stocking.  Since my dad does all the Christmas shopping I was even more surprised.  He cracked a joke saying something about the price of it, 7$ at Wal-Mart.  I could only laugh because he didn’t realize how much it was until he looked at the receipt.  I explained to him that’s exactly why I don’t own any of them, lol!  He unintentionally bought me one from the Justin Beiber line which is fine, he said he picked out “Step to the beat of my <3” because it looked very different from the others and hadn’t seen me use anything like it before.  Thanks daddy (=  I have this one on how over a base of Lemon Fizz by China Glaze and its so cute.  The hearts are a little tricky to pick out of the bottle but it really isn't an issue.  I love the little pieces of glitter in it too.  Just adds a nice, unique touch!

I found four colors I had never seen before at the beloved Dollar Tree and I am super excited to use these!  I go crazy when I see new polishes available since I already own most of the ones that are on the shelves.  There are like, maybe 5 dollar trees that are all about 15-20 minutes away and the one in South Plainfield is the only one with a decent selection and new additions.

e.l.f in fair pink (on left) and fluorescent pink (on right). I don't think I've seen these before but the bottles are thin and rectangular and I could not resist! (and at a dollar a piece, there's no reason to!!)

 L.A. Colors, Color Craze in Static Electricity (blue) and Live (Silver). The silver looks particularly unique as the particles are notably fine and minuscule.  Can't wait to see what I can do with this!

Next is what I am super ultra excited for!  As a present to myself for finishing community college and graduating with my Associates degree, I bought a handful of polishes online at head2toe.  A total of 8 polishes (including the ridge filling base coat, not pictured) came out to 34$ and change, shipping included.  They arrived about 5 days later.  Super exciting for me since a bunch of these were colors I’ve wanted to ages!!  My mom picked out Cheek to Cheek since sheer, shimmery pinks are her favorite and the only type of polish she will wear.  My roommate picked out Emerald Fitzgerald because she loves darker polishes and wears them very well.  

The rest were my doing.  Blue Hawaiian was a last second addition to my purchase since I realized I don't have many if any blues.  Bad Kitty was absolutely beautiful in the swatches I have seen and I couldn’t resist! I have already worn it and love it!! It chipped after a shower though, sadly.  But I really do love it.  I am wearing yellow fizz right now and adore it, so excited I bought it.  I have wanted For Audrey for ages and have been meaning to buy it.  Ruby Pumps was bought because I realized I had NO reds.  I have one that has been used up completely and it was a glitter too. 
I also wandered into a Sally’s that’s right near the Dollar Tree and ended up getting one of the gift sets for a discounted 7$.  The set came with Naughty and Nice, which is a really pretty and unique maroon, burgundy jelly and Mrs. Claus, another red glitter addition!  It came with a free gift, the Peppermint Cuticle Oil.  Smells great and works nicely, but I feel like the bottle is always leaking because it gets everywhere!
I also wanted to try out some new base coats and top coats so I am starting with Beauty Secrets.  They were 3$ a bottle but have large sizes available for 6$.  I actually used them three times already and I love them!  Both dry so fast.  I can't tell you about durability though because I change my polish far too often.

Basically I am super excited for my new additions and will have lots of updates available when I start swatching or making NOTD’s out of them!  What did YOU get for the holidays?  I can’t wait to see!  - Images are clickable to enlarge!



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