Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sally Hansen "Shrimply Divine"

"Shrimply Divine" is truly, simply divine! First of all, the name cracks me up. And then what isn't there to love about a pink creme-y wants-to-be-a-jelly polish?

3 coats of "Shrimply Divine"
 It finishes like a creme and looks like one in the bottle, but it has a strange way about it when applying the first two coats. It's bizarrely translucent. But then that goes away. So I guess it is an irrelevant observation.

This really is a "perfect" polish!

I love pinks and I love cremes, so this has it all.  There really isn't anything bad to say about it! Especially since I got this for a steal at 3$ at Five Below. Wonderful application! I don't know about wearability since I removed it the next day.


  1. Love this color! It's name suits it perfectly:)

  2. Such a beautiful pink! :)

  3. Kinda funny...I just bought this at lunch, came back to work to google swatches (yes, I'm a little backwards) and what do you know. You did a post about it. Your post is what made me want to try a pink...again. Couldn't remember the color so I just grabbed this one lol

  4. haha Anne im glad i could inspire that :D you wont be disappointed by this, i promise!!