Thursday, July 28, 2011

Best Blog Award & some random nail pics!

I was tagged for the Best Blog Award by Veronica from the Chic & Shiny Blog - thanks for recognizing me! While I know I do not possess the best blog by any means, just being thought of for a second is such a nice gesture (=

The Rules
You must link back to the person who awarded this to you! 
Share 7 random facts! 
Award 15 blogs and Answer the questions listed above! 
And send the people awarded a comment letting them know!

Random facts
1. I was never a nail biter, always a nail picker.
2. The lack of intimacy in life thanks to social networking sites really does bother me.
3. Daisies are my favorite flower. I'm allergic to roses.
4. I love reading local news websites and watching the news.
5. I have too many cats (six).
6. My toenails are always done as a French pedicure, regardless of season, event, etc.
7. In spite of my bitching about it, I really do enjoy going to school.

Crazy Questions
1. Fave Color -  Pink and yellow. It's a tie.
2. Fave Song - I don't have a favorite song, but Alanis Morissette has a song for any mood.
3. Fave Dessert - Tempura ice cream at the hibachi place.. yum!
4. What is pissing you off - Nothing I really need to put on blast or make public.  Stupid shit that needs to just go away, lol.
5. When you're upset you - "clean" which usually means I start sorting things.  Not the typical cleaning like windexing or mopping, but I'll start putting things away where they belong.  That and cigarettes, bad bad.
6. Fave Pet - Neenar!
7. Black or White - Black.
8. Biggest Fear - Aquatic life, ALL of it.
9. Best Feature - My hair. It's long, thick, naturally blonde and maintenance free!
10. Everyday Attitude - Get through it, look forward to something to keep spirits up, keep a positive attitude.
11. What is perfection -  a fairytale!
12. Guilty Pleasure -  Cheap reality TV (Like the MTV Challenges LOL) and nail polish, of course (=

As for the tagging - a lot of the blogs I follow have very busy women behind them.  So I tag anyone and everywhere who has the time to fill it out.  For anyone I am following, I am obviously a fan of yours and think you have a great blog. Sounds like a cop out, but I stand by that!

NOW! Here is some random pictures taken from my archive of manicures from the past. (To keep up appearances, of course.)

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