Sunday, July 24, 2011

one coat wonder!

I'm always blown away by the concept of a one coat polish.  OPI DS "Fantasy" can certainly be worn with only one coat; I have proof!

OPI DS "Fantasy" - one coat!
 The slight slight slightest bald(ish) spots on my thumb were my own fault.  I was so lazy to fix it.  But this polish is so pigmented and glorious.  I tend to avoid darker colors but I cannot deny this one!

I have meganubbins now, by the way. I'm not thrilled but I don't have a choice.  They were taking a beating so I just trimmed them all.

I went into Harmon Beauty Supply to pick up some acetone and I saw on the bottom of a display some OPI DS bottles on sale for $3.97.  I didn't have this one, so I grabbed it and I am glad I did!  Darker colors usually don't do it for me, but the sparkles and the opacity of this really blow me away.