Sunday, July 10, 2011

funky fingers "cayman island" scented polish

Yellow: the double edged sword of nailpolishes.  So pretty in the bottle, but rarely looks nice on my skin tone and has terrible application. I am always instantly drawn to the yellow bottles but tend to steer clear. And once again, I am reminded why.

Five coats of Funky Fingers "Cayman Island"

Excuse the blurry at the bottom. I'm working with a different camera and I think one of two things occurred: me setting the focus wrong or condensation on the lens. Either way you get the basic idea of this polish.  Some nails required 6 coats due to streaking and impossible touchdown marks.

Yellow shimmery sheer with green shimmers.

It is a sheer polish too, that also being the reason it needed so many coats.  It is also scented - but not Revlon gag-inducing scented.  This polish has a light, refreshing lemon-y scent to it, but it really very very subtle. (Which is a good thing! Revlon's blueberry scented polish triggered an 8 hour migraine for me.)

Click to enlarge to see the green shimmers.

The photo directly above captured the green shimmers pretty well. In indoor lighting the color gets lost on my hands and doesn't POP like it does in sunlight. This photo is a more accurate representation of what the color looks like most of the time. It is pretty, I think that is pretty undeniable, but it isn't for me. I probably won't ever use this again.

As far as my skin goes, in order to keep the eczema at bay, I have been avoiding the rubber gloves at work as much as possible.  Only in cases of #2 diapers and blood do I put them on. I haven't decided if the constant washing has been aggravating it, but the absence of the powder from the gloves has certainly made my hands less irritated and very few cracking incidences.

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  1. I love how bright this yellow is! Aww it's too bad you won't use it again :(