Monday, July 18, 2011


I have a fun one for you today ladies (= I was giving the kids at work tattoos when I frigged one up and noticed it stuck to my nail.  I remember seeing a long long time back something about temporary tattoos for nail decor.  I thought they were a special brand or a specific product, but they aren't!

Nail Tattoos!
 I started with 3 coats of white underneath, put a topcoat and let it set.  About 20 minutes later  I started tattooing.  This is what I used:

Five Below - $1
 Forgot to take picture THEN cut. Oops.

So I went floral, I wanted good coverage and shapes that made sense.

Right Hand.

I used the tattoos according to the instructions which is really easy.  Peel the acetate off, apply to nail and hold a wet towel until it slides off!  Super simple!  I patted the design down with the wet paper towel to get it to hug all of my nail curves and wait about 10 minutes before applying my topcoat.

There is a new strange kind of clean up involved though.  You can see on some of my fingers that there is some glue looking stuff.  The tattoo that adheres to the skin is tricky to get off without ruining the design on your nail.  Somewhat time consuming, about 20 minutes for a half-done looking job.  I suppose cutting the tattoos to your exact nail shape could ease clean up.  But like i said, this was my first time and there was some trial and error.  I can't wait to do this again (=

What do you think?!


  1. that is such a cool idea!
    PROPS to you girll(:

    <3 BB

  2. wahhh looks soo good!! i will definitely try it out!!!


  3. Ugh! What a great idea! It makes me wanna run out and get some temporary tattoos!! This looks great and I love the floral designs.

  4. Very innovative of you to come up with this! Thanks so much for sharing. I wonder if the tattoo stickers I find here can have the same effect. I will have to try!