Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Broken Hearted" & some updates

There are a handful of things in life that I repeatedly try, thinking I'll like it.  Romaine lettuce, yogurt, sushi.. oh, and crackle nail polish.  I think Einstein is quoted as saying that insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". I finally had the smallest glimmer of a breakthrough with China Glaze Crackle Glaze in "Broken Hearted" :D !

1 coat of "Broken Hearted" over 3 coats over
L.A. Colors "Energy Source".

Wheeeeee! A crackle I like!  I have black and silver shatter from OPI and could take or leave both of them.  "Broken Hearted" is definitely a keeper!  I had a strange moment at work when one of my coworkers had the SAME manicure on as me.  She had this same crackle coat over white.  It strangely excited both of us, lol.


A couple of updates:

On my temporary tattoo manicure:  I had seen the idea somewhere before but as stated in my previous post, I thought they were special nail decals.  I do not want to claim 100% credit for the idea as the gears started turning once I accidentally got the tattoo on my nail.  It was kind of an, "Oh! I bet those were regular temporary tattoos" more so than a "LOOK WHAT I INVENTED" kind of deal.

Anyways!  Mine started to smush off/peel at about noon today but I can't be sure that it was their fault.  I use antibacterial hand sanitizer countless times a day, as well as old-fashioned hand washing.  I've literally used hand sanitizer to remove the tattoos before, so I'm certain it contributes to general removal - but I had a top coat on.  That stuff is pretty strong, so who knows what it does.  It's also possible their tacky nature didn't sit well underneath a topcoat.  I will definitely make note of this next time I wear them.

On a positive note, does anyone remember Squidgee (Quidge/Artemis)?

My little Momma.
After months of steroids and a handful of vet visits, our little peanut of a cat is doing much better!  She's much more active, alert and eating way more than before!  Thankfully, her medicine isn't very expensive at all and she just goes for check ups every once in a while. Her treatment is no where near the cost of her original diagnosis visit so we weren't forced to put her to sleep. Phew. (=


  1. I'm like that with matte polish. I want to love it, but I just don't. No matter what company or color. I just don't. I like crackle, but I'm over it. Everybody and their brother has a crackle collection out right now. I liked it better before it went all mainstream. Your kitteh looks good - a little petite, but good.

  2. i agree with you mostly! i think i may be a little biased because i really love pink, and its brighter which i think lightens the manicure (it could be the white though..lol) i was at sallys the other day and just was very unenthusiastic by all the "innovative" crackles.

    she is very tiny! she isnt spayed and the vet said cats that arent tend to run in the "fit" category. no doubt shes underweight but shes put on a 1.5lbs since she was sick (making her 6.5 now)