Friday, July 15, 2011

green jelly, naked nails and a disapproving kitty

This post is pic heavy, but hopefully you'll enjoy it.  Naked nails, a fail, a kitty and a fabulous green jelly!

B.S.N Lacquer in "Ivy" - 2 coats.

This is a dollar store brand.  My local shopping center opened a huge dollar store with a TON of nail polish!  BSN stands for "Beauty Sense of New York".  I am not sure if these are 3FREE as they have a unique smell to them.

 "Ivy" is a medium green jelly that applied WONDERFULLY! I don't care for most greens but this is really fun.  This is two thin coats.  Could have used a third but too late for that.

So then I was all, "Hey, what should I add to it?!" - I wore it for a full day before ruining it, though.

OPI "Black Shatter" & "Silver Shatter"
And then, I went, "Hey, lets layer shatters!" and that's where it got ugly. I didn't put a topcoat between the layers of shatter, so that is where the ugly is coming from.

Enlarge to witness epic fail man's disapproval.
 Ew. It's chunky and nasty. Don't do what I did. Even if i put the topcoat in between it still would've been fug.

Even Ralphie is judging me.
 And then the fail continues..

 That's my first photograph of naked nails too, by the way. But I fixed it really quick, I just used a fine grit buffer block.

All better (=
 And now I get to do it all over again..

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