Thursday, July 21, 2011

b.s.n. "floral wind" aka "flower fart" - nightmare manicure

This name made me think "flower fart" the second I read it. It's pretty on its own, look!

3 coats of "flower fart". i mean "floral wind"

It's a pretty raspberry jelly!  Decent application, funny smell.  Probably not B3Free.

Kind of hard to capture since it looks neon sort of, but it was nighttime and all I could do.  I got this for a dollar at my local dollar store. Anyways, here comes the nightmare:

EUUUGH. 1986 anyone?
 I bought "Angel Wings" by Sally Hansen thinking it would be SUCH A PERFECT LAYERING POLISH. Instead, its a perfect piece of crap.  It shows as a frost, you can see brush strokes and the shimmer bits I was initially drawn to are completely overshadowed by the garbage that IS "Angel Wings".  I got it for 2$ at Five Below as an impulse buy. FUG FUG. "Angel Wings" is what my nail polish nightmares are made of.  Frosty attributes to any manicure or polish make me want to rip hair out of stuffed animals. I don't want it.  Do not buy it. Unless, you're into that kinda thing.

LOLSIDENOTE. Look at tiny my thumb nail. LOL. One of these things is not like the other..! I got reaaaaally pissed off on Wednesday and on my way home I must've done some damage.  By the time I got home, I had a ridiculous nubbin.  I didn't even remember doing it.  I am going to name it Judy.

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  1. ...well it could be worse haha. :)
    No but seriously it's not that bad, it was very pretty on it's own though.