Sunday, July 24, 2011

its sunday night already? really?

Uhhhh back to the grind tomorrow.  This weekend FLEW. Mostly because it was so fun (=  I have a sunshiney manicure to go along with the happy thoughts.

A few things worth mentioning: this is only my 2nd bottle of this brand/style/collection.  The insta-dri bottles are fug.  Doesn't matter though, since I owe a TON of Funky Fingers polishes and they're TERRIBLY UGLY.  The coverage was great! Streaks were easy to correct.

"Lightening" 3 coats.

Strange spelling. I guess it isn't supposed to be 'lightning' as much as it is the action to 'lighten'.  If it was up to me, I'd name this "BIG FRICKIN' DAISY". It reminds me of yellow daises, in a big frickin' way.  I've worn this twice since I got it a few weeks ago, which says a lot.  It's like the total-package yellow.  Light, cooler yellows don't fly well on me.  But the goldeny sunshine yellows look much better. Yellow is one of my favorite colors, second to pink, and I am glad I can wear it on my nails.  I am blonde and fair skinned so yellow clothing usually washes me out.  I'll take what I can get!


I love the costume jewelry craze.  I got this for my sister as a possible birthday present, but she didn't want it because it wasn't "bedazzled" enough, so I kept it. Love!

And this weekend me and the boy decided to travel over to Pennsylvania and do some shopping (which he loves to do more than me) as well as some sightseeing. We hit up a flea market and I got a cutesy purse, wallet and phone case. And by sightseeing, I mean real sights. Look:


It was about 89 degrees with ABSURD humidity.  The walkways were steaming, but I had a great time.  A great weekend and a great day spent with my lovey.  Can't ask for much more (=


  1. Hey, I tagged you in a few awards. I don't want to link spam you though, so if you're interested there is a link to my blog on my profile.

  2. awesome yellow! i'll have to pick it up :) love from a new follower!