Friday, September 2, 2011

Irene Aftermath

It has been a really bizarre, rough week.  I didn't have power until Tuesday.  That was annoying, but not devastating. I live in a little town in North-Central NJ that is bound by rivers and gets hit hard.  The day after Irene, we were stranded in town, people who needed medical attention were being lifted out by helicopters and everyone had lifeless expressions on their faces.

I fortunately didn't flood, we live on a hill.  But the town was hit with lots of water that took a few days to recede.  This was the view down my street:

Boats in the street.  My heart goes out to all the people who were affected by this.  Normalcy is finally returning.  No more military check points checking ID's to get into town, the sirens and alarms have ceased, power has mostly returned, stores are opening again - but those were all inconveniences compared to the devastation some people experienced.  People's whole material lives are on the curbs waiting to be picked up by garbage men. There are anti-looting and trash picking signs everywhere, too.  The evacuation shelter behind down the road still has people at it.

This was about 3 blocks up from me.  I am just so very fortunate all we dealt with was a few basement puddles and a refrigerator of bad food.  My thoughts go out to the East Coast.  I hope any of you who were affected by Irene make a speedy recovery.


  1. thanks for sharing.
    and im glad your safe(:
    prayers for all affected.

    <3 BB

  2. Nothing this bad happened in my province, thank goodness! I hope everything gets cleaned up fast where you are!

  3. I'm from Long Island so I can totally relate. Just like you my house didn't get hit hard except for a couple of trees down and a flooded basement (only about 2-3 inches) but most of my town was without power until tuesday also, I know I was. There was a large tree down blocking one the busiest streets in my small town which took down about 3 telephone poles along with it, right in front of my house. I know I was lucky but many others weren't, my heart goes out to those heavily affected<3

    I'm glad to see you are okay!

  4. thanks for the well wishes, ladies. im fine, really. i hope anyone affected in your areas get things back together and im glad youre all safe!

  5. don't worry she's done plenty of np shopping since then...... :3