Thursday, September 22, 2011

Birthday Haul + Orly Fowl Play (PIC HEAVY)

I had a pretty horrendous birthday but I'm tired of thinking about it, so I will try to just post the positives and keep my head up.

I got Fowl Play for my birthday from my dear BFF Coryn. IT'S GORGEOUS.
Three coats of Fowl Play + OTD TC
It's just perfect!
 I wanted to "sandwich" the konading but my application was sloppy.  I'm going to have to try this again and do a better job of it because I think it has the potential to look amazing.

And then I got some presents..

China Glaze Frosty
Orly Fowl Play
OPI I Eat Mainely Lobster
These were 3 polishes I wanted and kept talking about, finally Coryn tells me not to buy them because she was getting them for my birthday. Yay (= Thanks love! They're fabulous.

No More Waity, Katie
Primrose Hill Picnic
All Hail the Queen
These were a gift to myself.  Ulta was having a BOGO sale and I couldn't resist!  Normally $14 a piece, I got all of these for $28.  I'm wearing All Haul the Queen right now, its amazing and I'll post pics sometime soon.

Ulta Envy
Ulta Army of One
Debora Lippmann Glitter in the Air
The Utlas were from me too, but dear Daddy got me GiTA!  It's incredible and my first high end polish!

My sister got me this chic grown up looking case
for my not so grown up DSi XL.
And this cutesy mouse pad (I haven't had one in years!)
She got me TONS of other stuff.  A cute Hello Kitty pillow and blanket set, some pink scissors (she lost mine), a new mouse for my netbook, a game for my DS and more. She made me feel so special.

My great aunt bought me this pink sapphire ring. I LOVE IT.

It looks cute as a thumb ring (shown here), too.  I love it so much. Yay for presents!

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