Monday, September 5, 2011

OPI "Swimsuit... Nailed It!" + haul!

I did some shopping on the same day my online order came.  I was crazy overwhelmed by my choices but decided on "Swimsuit...Nailed It!" with some accents and stuff.

One coat of OPI "Swimsuit... Nailed It!" topped with
Funky Fingers "Down to Earth"
I tried doing a half moon mani but had the guides up too high.  I don't hate the result though, it was a different look for sure.  I only put one coat of "Down to Earth" so it's a little splotchy and there are some bare spots that you can see the blue peeking through.  The finish is the same though so the contrast really popped!

Before I did that though, I had "Crown Me Already!" as an accent.

Three coats of "Crown Me Already!" on ring finger
I have a truly difficult time wearing glitters.  I habitually peel it off almost as soon as it sets.  It is such a unique and pretty color though, it is a great addition to my collection.

"Swimsuit... Nailed It!" is a one coater which means its great for a quick mani.  It is super pigmented though which also means it stains.  It penetrated my NailTekII Foundation base coat and I had to buff away the stains.  The strange part about it was that only a few nails were stained?  I don't know what that means but it does have the potential to stain.  I suggest doubling up on a basecoat or wear this around the same time you're due for a buffing.

"Crown Me Already!" is such a show stealer!  It has multiple sized silver glitters but application was a tiny bit tricky; it is so densely packed with glitter that some will inevitably hang off the edge of your nail.  I had to push it back with the brush to keep them from dangling.  I am thinking this would make a great New Year's Eve manicure.

On to the new additions.  I feel like a horrific blogger because I cannot remember where my online order came from.  I think it was head2toe, but I could be wrong.  I had placed it a while ago, before Irene, had sort of forgotten about it.  Anyways:

ChG "Strawberry Fields"
ChG "Shower Together"
Essie "Smooth Sailing"
Essie "Turquoise and Caicos"

Color Club "Untamed Luxury"
Color Club "Space Case"
essence colour & go "You Belong To Me"
The essence polish is from Ulta actually, I grouped it wrong.  And speaking of Ulta, for once the clueless SA actually benefited me.  I was asking about a sale in the flyer I saw and she thought I wanted to look at the discontinued bottles. She went in back and wheeled out trays of the old bottles that were still for sale. They have the same polish in them but Ulta has since changed their bottles.  I got my Ulta polishes shown here for $2 AND they have more in the bottles.  The new bottles have .33 fl oz while the old bottles have .4 fl oz.  I love a bargain (=

From Left To Right:
Concrete Evidence - Sunset Bronze - Mint Condition - Material Girl
Tutu Cute - Alter Ego - Little Black Dress - Pink-A-Boo - X-dry (topcoat)

Material Girl, Little Black Dress and Alter Ego bottle shots.
So pretty!

I also (obviously) grabbed these two.  A different SA from the confused one excitedly grabbed these from the back for me.

*exhale* That is all!