Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Halloween Mani of the Season!

Yay! It's that time of year now, finally! I love the autumn air so so so much. I'm also singing into my brush Beyonce's "Best Thing I Never Had" feeling all these womanly empowerment feelings.  Some of you may know I am going through the break up from hell, more of you may not. I'm healing.  Still hurt, but healing.  Ok I need to stop singing so I can type easier.


I'll explain how I got to that picture above now, it was quite fun wearing it.  I wore FOUR coats of WnW Sunny Side Up. Holy hell, that was a pain to apply. It needed four coats. Streaky streaky.  I couldn't reach opacity until I did the fourth coat.  Once I did though, it was smooth and pretty.

Four coats. OTD TC.
Sunny Side Up aka Bic Lighter Orange
Such a happy color!
I'm glad this polish evened out.  I was about to through it across the room because I didn't think there was much hope for it.  This is four coats over Nailtek II Foundation with Out the Door topcoat. And now the fun happens:

Two coats pumpkin polish + one coat WnW Tangled in my Web

The pumpkin polish I got at Rite Aid for $1.99 - it has black and coppery-orange bar glitter.  I put WnW Tangled in my Web over that. Click to see the details of the glitters.

Ah! My right hand!
I never use my right hand as my swatch hand for obvious reasons but I had to this time around.  I destroyed my left hand's mani with some bad ideas and streaking from a bright idea I had.  The photos are strange, weird angles, poor lighting.. I couldn't photograph these nicely with my left hand, at all. I tried my best though!

And now some completely unrelated girl-getting-over-her-ex-lyrics-that-hopefully-help-because-they're-somewhat-relatable!

Thank god you blew it
Thank god I dodged the bullet

 Pia Toscano:
This time, this time I'm gonna do it my away
This time, I'm finding out the hard away
This time, I'm gonna go back to the girl I was on the night you found me

Don't worry girls, I got this. I think..


  1. Keep your spirits up and take one day at a time!

    Your mani looks great-haven't done any Halloween mani's yet but will be soon!

  2. I need some black glitter and pumpkin polish :( This is really cute! Simple for the season.