Thursday, September 15, 2011

OPI Road House Blues + Klean Color Tiara Gold

I originally wanted to make this a jelly sandwich but then realized 1. OPI RHB isn't a jelly and 2. I don't even have a blue jelly.  So I decided on a simpler approach.

Seen above is two coats of OPI Road House Blues with one coat of Klean Color Tiara Gold.  Tiara Gold is somewhat of a crapshoot, as you can see.  My ring finger is covered in glitter while the rest of the nails are more sparse.  Once I got the glitter on my ring finger, I couldn't get it off without smudging, so I just left it as is.  The other nails looked much better in my opinion though.

And then! I made it matte!

Something nautical about this, amirite?
I used Hard Candy's mattifying topcoat; at the time of these pictures it already started to wear off.  I'll be sure to get pics at a better time next time.


  1. So gorgeous, I love these huge golden glitters..

  2. I like it matte. Road House Blues is such a great color. I like the combo with the gold glitter but I agree Tiara Gold is hard to work with. I had it for a while and ended up gifting it to a friend.

  3. thats girls!

    @crystal - yea it was a tricky one, but i love the turnout so imo its worth it

  4. "Its aight" LOL. I love your little clickable opinions. I like it better matte, for sure!