Saturday, September 24, 2011

Classic French Manicure + How to Tips

French manicures seem to be a love or hate type of deal.  Whether you think they're dated, tacky, classy or pretty - everyone has their opinion. I just happen to LOVE the look mostly because I love how they make my hands look.  I was fiddling around and found some new "tricks" for making them a bit easier to do.  But let me start with the finished product:

This is what I ended with by doing a few simple things that I hadn't thought of before.

  • I used Konad Special White polish instead of a regular white polish or white nail art polish.  It's much more opaque and if you need to correct any streaks, it dries much quicker.  
  • You still need to remove the nail guides quickly, but the Konad polish doesn't drip down.  In past experiences, I've had to sort of glob on more white nail polish (for opacity) which would run or take too long to dry.
  • I painted the white directly onto bare nail. No basecoat.  If you mess up, correction is quicker.  You can use a paint brush dipped in acetone to shape/clean/correct without any problems because there is nothing underneath.
  • Remember to wrap your tips with polish well, since there is no basecoat underneath you'll need all the staying power you can get.

This is Konad Special White directly on my bare nails.  The white is a little harsh on its own, so I used two coats of Orly Nail Armor, which has a slight beige tint to it, over this.  The polish dried super quickly, so there was no streaking.

After the Nail Armor dried, which didn't take long since its a base coat, I put on a decal on each ring finger that I recieved from the bornprettystore.  After that, one coat of Out the Door Topcoat.

Thanks for reading! (=


  1. I really like French manicures & nearly always get my toes french polished with my pedi's

    yours looks very neat & clean

  2. Hmm...that does seem to be a bit easier than the way I would have done it. I think they look very cute :)

  3. This looks so classy. Your natural nails are lovely... mine are a mess! :)

  4. thanks so much ladies! i appreciate the feedback, comments and compliments (=

    i always do my toenails french style, too. i have tiny toenails so it makes them look a little bit longer lol.