Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jelly Sandwich with Sinful Colors "Gogo Girl" and SH HT

I love the look of jelly sandwiches and I am happy to show you this one.  While I'm not too crazy about reds (mostly because I don't wear them well - I love them on others!) the extra sparkle made this a bit more bearable for me.

When Walgreens was having their 99 cents sale on Sinful Colors, I picked out a few that I normally would dodge and Sinful Colors "Gogo Girl" is one of them.  But I think everyone should have a bright red jelly.

Anyways, for the sandwiched part, I used Sally Hansen "Hidden Treasure".

Two coats "Gogo Girl" - One coat HT - One coat "Gogo Girl"
I had a difficult time trying to photograph this.  The sparkle barely shows through on camera.  It was so attention grabbing in person though.  Maybe two coats of HT would've been more effective but I don't want to waste that beauty.

You can see it a little better here, but barely.  The sun was setting and all.

So the Hurricane Irene will be full force here in a few hours.  I think the anticipation is exhausting.  It's Saturday night and I've been waiting since Thursday afternoon (that's when I started hearing about it frequently).  Just sitting and waiting, it was quite ominous outside today.  The air was heavy, the sky was kind of dark.

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  1. Looks good! Irene is headed my way also, hope you don't suffer any damage!