Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ulta Concrete Evidence

Back to school, yea? Yea.  Fortunately I only attend two days a week but I spend most of my Tuesday there.  I think I may lose my mind seeing as I'm taking Shakespeare Survey and haven't a clue how to interpret his plays.  I need those special books that 'translate' old English into current English.

My first day back was last Tuesday and it rained and rained. OK actually - it POURED.  I did my nails the night before and coincidentally it was the perfect color.  Ulta Concrete Evidence.

Three coats of Concrete Evidence

I think I may have a new found love for gray cremes.  This may not have been the best match for my skin tone but there was something sort of chic to it.  Made me feel a little fancy.  This needed 3 coats as it isn't very opaque but I'm a pretty habitual 3-coater.  I think you could get away with two coats.

I bought these at Ulta for $2.  I believe they are still having the sale but this bottle was $2 because it was in the discontinued bottle. While the newer bottles may look nicer, there is actually more polish in the old bottles.  New bottles have .33 fl oz while the old ones have .40 fl oz.


  1. That bottle change really annoyed me, though at least with the new ones I won't have to try and get the cap lined up. :)

  2. This looks like a super pretty grey!

  3. @karen I agree! they couldve updated the bottle and NOT changed the amount of polish. cheap!

    @veronica it is, i think there is something unique about this particular shade!