Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sally Hansen Loyal Lavender & Pretty Petunia

I have more lavender for you :D  My BFF Britty sent this one to me because she knows I LOVE pastels.  Sally Hansen Loyal Lavender has a pink contrasting shimmer to it so it was more than just a pastel, it's a shimmery one!

"Natural" Light
This is three coats over CND Stickey sealed with Out the Door.  It's pretty isn't it?  More suitable for springtime than winter, so I'll have to bring it out again then.

"Natural" Light

You can really see the pink shimmer in the flash picture.  After wearing this for a day I wanted to jazz it up so I put one coat of Sally Hansen Pretty Petunia over it.  It's a gorgeous glass flecked baby pink and it played so nicely with Loyal Lavender.

It's really subtle but it added lots of extra sparkle that was eye-catching when I moved my hands.  Cute that both names have floral connotations.


  1. I really like the combo! Something about layering over lilac pastels that just makes me happy. Yum!