Monday, January 9, 2012

OPI Wing It & Color Club Fame and Fortune

I was at the mall this weekend and went into Essentials and saw a few of the Color Clubs left that I had been wanting, I hadn't seen them anywhere else so I grabbed Fame and Fortune as soon as I saw it.  I wanted to incorporate it into a mani so I layered it with OPI Wing It that was given to me by a friend from my nail polish forum; the result was fun!

"Natural" Light

"Natural" Light


This is 3 thin coats over CND Stickey, no top coat.  Even with three coats there still is some VNL, but the coats were super thin so that may have a hand it it.  This polish is crazy.  It's really glowy and was a pain to photograph.  The flash picture is further away from its true color, it doesn't quite lean that red in real life. It's hot pink with a neon-y orange undertone and shimmery and maybe even some micro glass flecks.  It's unique is what it is, and I love it, really.

I wanted to play off of a "jelly sandwich" and since Wing It is somewhat jellylike, I sandwiched Color Club Fame and Fortune in it.  This is two coats of Fame and Fortune with another coat of Wing It and then one coat of Instant Artificials and then sealed with OTD.

"Natural" Light

"Natural" Light

The two colors play nicely as Fame and Fortune's base color is very similar to Wing It's base color (a hot magenta of sorts).  My only gripe is that the flakes in Fame and Fortune don't necessarily lay flat.  On two nails, even with IA and OTD, they stuck out and didn't lay flat.  I ran my finest grit buffer over it a few times and it seemed to fix it; good to know! Just make sure it's dry otherwise you'll botch the whole thing.

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